ANCF Youth Minisitry

The youth ministry at ANCF exists to support the church and parents in displaying to youth the glory of God; praying that these youth will put their hope for life and love in Him.

"Youth ministry": it is helpful to have a group within the church body that allows youth to fellowship, learn, discover and grow in Christ with peers, doing things that fit their age group specially. It is also very important that youth intermix with the rest of the church body and grow by being involved with mature older christians or by caring for younger members.  Therefore, we will attempt to provide a God glorifying youth ministry but attempt to keep it relatively simple by not isolating the youth from the body by becoming overbearing. The youth ministry is currently designed for youth ages 7th through 12th grade and those with disabilities who function within this age group.

"Support the church and parents": it is parents' privilege and duty to display to their youth the glory of God. The youth ministry comes alongside to support this endeavor, not to replace it. We also realize the reality of and hope to be able to reach out to youth who do not have believing parents. Our hope is to enfold them into the church body, perhaps through the door of the youth ministry.

"Displaying to youth the glory of God": this is the goal of the youth ministry. We do not have control to make believers but simply the call to display who God is. We attempt to emphasis the gospel simply by focusing on the 3 parts of the gospel. GOD: triune, creator, all powerful, perfectly loving, perfectly wise.

We emphasize the gospel through direct Biblical studies while hoping that practical application to teens' lives will flow from that, as opposed to focusing more directly on the life issues that teens face.

Our ministry consists mostly of four different activities: evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and acts of service.

For more info contact: Geoff Nelson
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