In Psalm 110 verse 2 we read, "The Lord will stretch forth Your strong scepter from Zion, saying'Rule in the midst of Your enemies.'" (NASB) In this verse the Psalmist is speaking of God the Father exalting God the Son. And one among many amazing things we can learn from this verse is how powerful God is. When we think of our earthly heroes what do we think of? Perhaps of an athlete giving strength and ability to his team to win the game. The best would be to trounce a strong opponent by a resounding score. When we think of national and military protectors we think of thwarting plots against us or holding back enemies. But God rules in the midst of His enemies. In a world that hates Him, He is working His plan. Whatever the adversaries do, God is more than ready. God does not just react to his opponents. He actually turns their best plans and even their supposed victories against them. What happened to Joseph? His brothers did evil. But God turned that evil into Joseph's ultimate blessing, his brothers' material salvation, and the continuation of God's purposes to the people of His promises. Far eclipsing everything else stands God's victory at the cross. The most evil ungodly act that ever occured, the supposed greatest victory of Satan - to kill God's Son - God turned into the ultimate accomplishment of His plans to save His people and defeat His opponents. Even today, as evil, godlessness, and false religion seem to be gaining ground all around us we can be assured that in the end God is working His good plans. In the midst of Job's tribulations God was shaping him and leaving an example to encourage us who come later. In the midst of what appears to be growing persecution, the Lord is still ruling. He rules in the midst of His enemies. Praise His name!