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Our souls will only be as stable as the object of their hope.  If we are hoping in circumstances to work out our way, people to “come through” for us, or even our emotions to remain pleasant, we are standing on shaky ground.  All these things can shift and fail without warning.  If our focus is upon them, we will likely feel optimistic as long as they appear firm.  But if they fail, so will our strength. Only God is an adequate object for our hope.  He is [...]

The Scriptures are filled with examples of things getting worse before getting better: Abraham received the promise of descendants as numerous as the stars, then went through years of childlessness, tried to take things into his own hands with Hagar, and finally at the ripe old age of 100 Isaac, the son of promise, was born to Sarah (Genesis 15-21). Joseph dreamt he would be a ruler, but then was sold into slavery by his own brothers, imprisoned on the basis of false charges, and left there [...]