How Do We Bridge the Racial Divide in America?
Some people, including the media, speak as if we in America are in a post-racial era. Racism, at least White and Black racism, is no longer existent.  They argue that the recent killings in Ferguson and New York were incited by political rhetoric.  Accordingly, no racism was involved.  This suggests that we have gone beyond racism and this is predicated on the view that many of the virulent manifestations of racism in the past are not prevalent today.  To be sure, racism has changed its forms, but it is well and alive in America. New forms of racism include but are not limited to patronizing racism, benevolent racism, closet racism, tolerant racism and epistemically dishonest racism.  These all may be subtle but are just as bad as overt racism.  Thus, racism cannot be reduced to overt, obvious and negative actions and behaviors of prejudice and discrimination punishable by law.  Racism is a composite of one’s negative attitude, thinking, feeling, disposition, false beliefs toward, and disregard for members of other ethnic groups.  Such disregard involves what one does or does not wish, will, and want for others in light of their race and may result in immoral actions and behaviors.  Thus, racism is multi-caused and is grounded in racial disregard.

In this year's 5th annual Facing Race through Grace Conference, entitled How Do We Bridge the Racial Divide in America? we will provide a survey of some of the main causes of racism and a solution toward bridging the racial and ethnic divide.  The conference is scheduled for February 28th from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM at All Nations Christian Fellowship, 6830 Quail Ave N, Brooklyn Center, MN 55429.  Admission is free and open to everyone.  Please plan to join us.  Further details and a full schedule of the conference will be posted on the site in the days ahead.  If you have any questions in advance, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the church at 763-561-2927.
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